Curtis, also known as “The Club Guy”.
Thanks for checking out my website.
How did I come by the name, “The Club Guy”? Well, when I had a small shop on a golf course in Northern Virginia (Pleasant Valley) golfers would stick their heads in my door and ask“ …are you the club guy?


The other question that I get is, how did I get started in this business? I started working for a driving range in Northern Virginia (Woody’s Golf Range) as a full time manager in 1996.


We used to get golfers coming in and asking if we did any repair work, grips, etc. Being good with my hands I decided to give club repair a try as a side job. With the blessing of the owner and the support of the other managers I opened a small (emphasis on small!) shop at the range, took classes and read all I could get my hands on. From there I did a variety of repairs and gained experience.


If I ran into something that I had never done there was always a clubmaker somewhere that was willing to share his knowledge. So for eight years I grew the business from a part-time job at the range and then full time at a golf course. After moving to North Carolina, I opened my shop in January, 2006.


My experience in golf club repair, custom clubs, swing coaching and other related areas comes from being lucky in having some great people that were willing to share what they knew.


I am a certified “Class A” Clubmaker through the Professional Clubmakers Society. I have, over the years, attended many seminars and classes. Some of my certifications include, Rifle Shaft Certified, and a Ping and Titleist certified fitter. Most of these classes required that I travel and pay for the class and be tested to obtain the certification.


My years at the driving range and working along with PGA professional teachers has given me a background in swing mechanics, from beginners to accomplished golfers. The relationship of golf equipment and how it affects the golf swing is a critical part of my work or recommendations.


If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail, pick up the phone or stop by. I would love to show you my shop and just talk to you about your game.


Thanks and remember – every golfer needs a Club Guy!


Curtis…The Club Guy